Monday, October 2, 2017

vintage Hamburg

Hi There, We just got back from a great weekend in Hamburg. Our timing was perfect. There was a big city flea market. I had lots of fun with my girlfriends and family. The weather was great so we managed to find some nice clothes, books and music at the flea market. I have to keep that one in mind and try to go there again next year.

see you,

PS: New music in the house Benjamin Clementine

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Amsterdam vintage

Started to visit the Monday market in Amsterdam more often and really start to like it very much. There is always so much to see and buy. I come home most days with a nice piece of vintage.

When I was living in London years ago, you could find me at the Camden Market every weekend.

Enjoy the rest of your week,

PS: The new solo album from Jeff Tweedy is amazing.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Summer flowers

Flower power..  so many pretty flowers everywhere. I came home with lots of new ideas for my garden, next year I want more cut flowers. I think I will order the book 'The Cut Flower Garden' from Erin.
Our Summer break is over and this week our daily life and school is starting again, which will be not easy after six weeks of freedom.
See you soon,
PS: Some new music in the house John Smith.

Monday, August 7, 2017


Hi There,

We just had a nice summer break in the UK. Margate is a seaside place which I always love to visit. It's easy to spend a day on the beach there or you can go to the Turner gallery. There are also some amazing shops in the old town.

Fox and Spindle (They got great candles and cute T-shirts)
The Harbour Café (Great place for food)
Tiny shop (I got a lot there but at the moment they don't have a website)

Enjoy the rest of the summer,

Monday, July 3, 2017

beach life

Hi There, I hope you are all well.

Sorry for the little break, but I have been spending lots of time on the beach catching waves, going swimming and on some days I'm just running.

I really like Scheveningen. Nice clean beach, lots of cafes, restaurants and Sealife.

One more week to go and our summer break is starting... six weeks of endless summer feeling on the way.

Enjoy your week,

PS: Fat Mermaid, lovely beach cafe.